Commercial Fence Installation

Straight Arrow Fence has been installing commercial fencing for 30+  years.  Commercial fencing is often installed to help mark the perimeter of a commercial property and serves as security fencing for the commercial property.

The chain link, cedar privacy, and ornamental iron are the most common types of fencing that we install for commercial and industrial properties. Generally, these fences are 6′ and taller. We can install barbed wire on top if needed.

Commercial Fence Photo Gallery

Benefits of Chain link Fencing:

  1. Durability: Chain link fencing is made from galvanized steel and is highly durable, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use and harsh weather conditions.
  2. Security: The tightly woven pattern of chain link fencing provides excellent security and acts as an effective barrier to prevent unauthorized access to a property or facility.
  3. Low maintenance: Chain link fencing requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean and repair.
  4. Visibility: The open design of chain link fencing provides visibility, which allows for easy monitoring of the enclosed area, making it an ideal choice for security and safety applications.
  5. Affordability: Chain link fencing is a cost-effective solution for fencing needs, making it a popular choice for many commercial and industrial applications.
  6. Customization: Chain link fencing can be customized to fit a variety of needs, such as different heights, gauges, and coatings, and it can be paired with different materials to meet specific needs, such as privacy slats or barbed wire for added security.

If you’ve got an industrial or commercial property located in the front range of Colorado and need a new commercial fence, chain link fence or  security fence (or even fence repairs). We invite you to contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION and estimate!