Horse, Equestrian and Livestock Fence Installation

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There are many different types of livestock fence, ranging from your more practical wire fences to stronger more attractive types of fence.

Affordable Horse Fence  Types

Your most economical fences types are: t post fences with wire, including smooth wire, barb wire, field fence, horse fence, and vinyl coated wire. The field fence and horse fence are meshes that can keep smaller animals from going thru, as well as the horse fence which has a 2×4 opening which is too small for the horses to put their hooves thru.

The vinyl coated wire comes in the single strand version as well as the rail version which is 5″ tall. The Centaur vinyl coated wire is safer and more visible than just your common barbless wire. It has a breaking strength of approx. 1700lbs. The ail fence comes win both 2 strand and 3 strand making it quite strong. They come in white, brown and black. The Centaur fence also come in an electrified version. This fence can be installed on wood or vinyl posts.

The wood dowel fence is also commonly used for livestock and pet containment, it has a more attractive appearance. We often add the welded wire, field fence, and horse fence to it to keep smaller animals in or out. The dowel comes in different sizes, with post diameters of 5″,6″ , and 7″. We can do the rail diameters in 3.5′, 4′, and 5″, depending on the look or strength that you want. All of the posts and rails are pressure treated for longevity.

We set all of our posts in concrete so they don’t move when the animals lean on the fence.

Vinyl fence works well when used in large areas or pastures, and we can do this in 3 rail or 4 rail. We also have the ability to custom make the posts if you desire a taller fence or something custom. The vinyl fence comes in white and tan, and we can add the welded wire to it to keep in smaller pets. It does not decay or need painting.

440 Pipe fence is a powder coated steel fence using a galvanized powder coated pipe. There is no welding involved as everything is built using fittings. It is a strong maintenance free fence.
Priefert Ponderosa fence uses 6″ diameter wood posts and powder coated steel rails going thru the posts, it is also another good maintenance free, strong fence. Makes a nice fence for livestock or just a decorative small acreage fence.

We can also do board fence with round or square posts.

To me it’s not JUST fence, it makes a statement about your place. Your fence is often the first thing you see when you pull up to your house. I had one individual come up to me and said that’s not fence it’s art, at one of our jobs. We take pride in the quality and appearance of our work.
I am on all of the jobs and have been doing this for almost 40 years, and have built well over 1000 miles of fence.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and free estimates to help you decide on what type of fence fits your needs and budget.

Since 1990 we’ve been building beautiful fencing for horse properties and ranches in Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, Larkspur, Douglas County and Elbert County.

Metal Horse / Equestrian Fence

Wood Rail – Horse / Equestrian Fence

Vinyl – Horse / Equestrian Fence

Wire – Horse / Equestrian Fence

4 Rail Priefert Ponderosa Wood Fence

Horse Fences, Equestrian Fences or Livestock fences provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Containment: One of the primary benefits of a livestock fence is that it contains animals within a specific area, preventing them from wandering off and potentially getting lost or causing damage to surrounding properties.
  • Safety: Livestock fences also provide safety for both the animals and the people around them. It helps prevent animals from getting into areas where they might cause harm, and it also prevents people from accidentally wandering into areas where they could be injured.
  • Protection: Livestock fences can protect livestock from predators such as coyotes, wolves, and other wild animals. It also protects animals from other livestock that might be aggressive towards them.
  • Grazing management: Fencing can also be used for rotational grazing management, allowing for controlled grazing patterns and improved pasture health.
  • Property delineation: Fences can help delineate property boundaries and prevent encroachment by neighboring properties.
  • Increased property value: A well-maintained livestock fence can increase the value of a property, particularly if it is a farm or ranch.
  • Reduced liability: Livestock fences can also help reduce liability for property owners by preventing animals from escaping and causing damage or injury to others.

Overall, a good horse fence fence is an essential tool for any ranch or livestock operation, providing safety, security, and increased productivity. Straight Arrow Fence is a top Horse Fence installer with 30+ years of experience. We install and repair horse fences of all types across the front range of Colorado. We invite you to contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION and estimate!

What Makes a Great Equestrian Fence?

A great equestrian fence, also known as a horse fence, can only be built by an expert horse fence installer! A poorly built horse fence can cause serious problems if your horses escape and runs wild. That’s why our equestrian fences are designed to meet specific requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of horses while also providing durability and functionality. Here are some key factors that contribute to an excellent, high quality equestrian fence:

  • Safety: Safety is paramount when it comes to equestrian fencing. A quality horse fence should be designed to prevent horses from escaping, keeping them secure within the designated area. It should also minimize the risk of injury by having smooth surfaces, no sharp edges or protrusions, and no gaps or spaces where horses can get stuck or injured.
  • Height: The fence should be of adequate height to prevent horses from jumping over it. The recommended height for most horses is around 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters), but it may vary depending on the breed and size of the horses being contained.
  • Strength and Durability: Equestrian fences should be sturdy and able to withstand the impact and pressure from horses leaning, pushing, or rubbing against them. Common materials used for horse fencing include wood, PVC/vinyl, electric tape/wire, high-tensile wire, and metal. The chosen material should be strong, durable, and resistant to weather conditions. We can advise you on the best fence materials based on your requirements and budget.
  • Visibility: A great equestrian fence provides clear visibility for both horses and handlers. This helps horses see the boundaries clearly and minimizes the likelihood of accidents. Adding a contrasting top rail or using materials with high visibility, such as white PVC or brightly colored tape, can enhance visibility.
  • Maintenance: The fence should be designed for easy maintenance and repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance, such as checking for loose boards, damaged wires, or broken components, are essential to keep the fence in good condition and ensure ongoing safety.
  • Ground Clearance: Adequate ground clearance is important to prevent horses from getting their hooves caught or entangled in the fence. The bottom of the fence should be installed at a suitable height above the ground to avoid such risks.
  • Gates and Access Points: The inclusion of well-designed gates and access points is crucial for safe entry and exit from the enclosed area. Gates should be sturdy, easy to open and close, and equipped with appropriate latches or locks to prevent accidental openings. We offer a wide variety of materials for building the horse gates you need.
  • Adaptability: Equestrian fences should be adaptable to different environments and specific horse management needs. On a large property your horse fence might have to change heights or types depending on the specific needs and requirements. Its not unusual to combine metal fencing and wood fencing as part of an equestrian fence.

Straight Arrow Fence excells at building high quality equestrian fences. We’ve been around horses our entire life and have built hundreds of horse fences. If you need a new equestrian fence we would be happy to provide a FREE CONSULTATION and FREE ESTIMATE about your horse fencing needs. Whether you own one horse or run a large equestrian facility we understand the importance of building a horse fence that best fits your needs and budget and we look forward to your call!