This was a pretty large residential fencing job we did in Parker, Colorado. The property required to install 2 different styles of fence on it. It was about 1500′ in total. The one portion was about 500′ of 6′ tall cedar privacy fence. We put the pickets on the neighbor’s side, at the customers’ request, so that they would have the more attractive side of the fence. This fence was for dogs and livestock that he was intending to get at a later date.

The rest of the fence was the standard 3 rail dowel with 5″ posts and 3.5″ rails. On this job we also added the 2×4 wire mesh horse fence to keep in the dogs and smaller animals he was intending to get at a later date. Property lines were maintained as we shot them in with the laser, keeping the fence about 2″ in from the property pins.