As a wise man once said: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” Mark Ketter, the owner of Straight Arrow Fences, has spent his life around horses. He knows what works best, what they like and how to make those fences not only do their job but make them look great. For the last 30+ years Marks’s been working hard building high quality fences for horse owners and those folks who like to be called “equestrians”. We don’t want to brag but sometimes a cowboy has to be a straight shooter.  If  you need a horse fence for your property in Parker, Colorado Straight Arrow Fences is truly the best Horse Fence company for ranches and rural property.

Thirty plus years ago when we started Parker only had about 5,500 residents. Today there are over 60,000! So in the last 30 years we’ve seen Parker grow tremendously! But one thing that has persisted is the abundance of rural farms and horse properties. Lots of folks move to Parker for the space and land that makes it possible to own a horse or two.  Parker is a great location too because there many excellent riding trails, and having easy access to them can make all the difference in your horse riding experience.

We’ve built a LOT of horse fences including: wood rail fences, wire fences, vinyl fences and even metal equestrian fences for our clients in Parker.

Below are just a few fence photos of some of the fences we’ve installed:

What are the advantages of installing a horse fence?

There are several advantages of installing a horse fence. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Safety: Horse fences are designed to keep horses safely contained within a designated area, reducing the risk of injury to both horses and humans. A properly installed horse fence can also prevent horses from wandering onto busy roads and potentially causing accidents. Of course if you have other livestock like cattle, goats or sheep our fences will help protect them too.
  2. Security: A horse fence can deter intruders and prevent theft of horses or equipment. It can also keep unwanted animals, such as predators or stray dogs, from entering the property and potentially harming the horses. Horse theft is no joke! Just this year (2023) dozens of farms have been victims of horse thieves. Having a solid built horse fence makes it harder on those criminals.
    Click here to read about recent horse thefts.
  3. Property value: Installing a horse fence will typically increase the value of a property. This is particularly true for equestrian properties or farms, where the presence of a well-designed horse fence can be a significant selling point. Horse fences are practical, valuable and enhance the look of any property.
  4. Have it Your Way: Straight Arrow Fence builds horse fences according to your wants, needs and budget. Our horse fences come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing horse owners to customize their fence to meet their specific needs and preferences. Having built hundreds of fences we can give you expert advice on what, where and how they should be built to best suit your needs.

Overall, installing a horse fence provides a whole bunch of benefits to livestock and horse property owners, including increased safety, security, and peace of mind, as well as improved property value and customization options.

Great Trails to Ride  your Horse in Parker, CO

Just for fun…We put together a short list of amazing trails you can ride your horse on in Parker.